The Ergonomics of Dining Table

What is meant by dining table ergonomics is particular dimension with consumer body size when using these appliances. The shape and type of dining table can be made a variety of in accordance with the function and location of the table. To make the size of the table we need to know the number of people who will use the dining table. And the function we can determine the shape of the cross-section of the table.

Then there will be some consideration of the types of materials that will be used to board on the table whether of glass, wood, metal, wicker or even wrapped with leather.

Shape Dining Table
The dining table top is round with very good to create a more intimate dinner because everyone could each face to face to talk to one another. In terms of design is also more beautiful because there are no sharp corners.
The downside is the problem of space, round table takes up more space and difficult to store in the warehouse (if needed).

Square: It is suitable for 2-4 people and events easy placement in any room. Storage was efficient, not requiring a special place. form of a table like this is less useful for dinner more than 4 people and when placed in the room would look like long barrier.

Rectangle: Can be used for an excessive number of people and can also be used as a buffet table or placed near the wall when not in use. Rectangle tables are usually large and require a large space as well.

Ellipse / Oval: The aesthetic is very good and is informal because the corners are curved and beautiful. Not suitable to be placed in the corner.

Triangle: With medium size, triangular shape of the top table is almost the same function with a round shape. Each person can interact with face to face. Suitable for 6 people maximum number of people.

Table top board size
Dining table height between 73-75 cm from the floor. For certain functions can be worn size 70 cm high. The length and minimum width is 60 cm for ergonomic functions because each person requires a minimum of 60 cm. If it takes more, it needs to be given a distance of 10-15 cm. For example, a table for 2 people sitting side by side, then the minimum width is (60 cm x 2) + 10cm = 130 cm.

Dimension Table Leg
There is no standard size of the leg of a table (solid wood base material) in relation to the dimensions of the top dining table, at least as far as knowledge of us.

Technically a variety of factors influence the strength of the table legs to bear the whole part of the table. Wood type, model construction, type of board material on the table, the shape and height of a table leg.

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